En-suite bathrooms

Here at Croston Plumbing and Heating, we have the expertise to build a create a wide range of bathroom types.

If you are thinking of an en-suite bathrooms, then this is something that our experienced team can help.

En-suite bathrooms are perfect for walk-in showers as the use of clear glass can give the illusion that the room is much larger than it is.

When designing your en-suite bathroom, we have a huge range of reduced depth furniture and storage options to ensure you can utilise the space without feeling cramped. Our expert installers can talk you through a variety of design options that will suit your requirements, and how you can make full use of the space.
You may be thinking about extending or opening up for an en-suite bathroom in which case we can come and conduct a home survey and give you some ideas about how your next en-suite could look. Should you want to include a wet room corner within your master bedroom, then we have some great design ideas.

Here is the benefits of an en-suite bathroom:


You can have an additional room in your home that can be used for showering and washing which makes the main bathroom more available, that can make life easier on a day to day basis. Having two bathrooms in the house when you have a larger family makes life a lot easier with an en-suite bathroom


An En-Suite bathroom will add value to your property. Buyers will appreciate the fact you have had an en-suite bathroom fitted and add value to your home and make selling your home much more easily.


Create that private space. En-suite bathrooms create a private space, if you have an en-suite bathroom extended on to your bedroom, you don't have leave your room and gives you more privacy, especially when you have guests staying over.


En-Suite bathroom design. As the en-suite bathroom will probably just before you and your partner, you can design it however you want. Many of our en-suite bathrooms are actually turned in to wet rooms as they are becoming more and more a la mode at the moment.

Designing your en-suite bathroom
When designing your en-suite bathroom you might want a walk-in shower instead of a bath, this is great as it frees up space in the smaller room but still makes good use of the space. En-Suite rooms tend to be a smaller space and making sure you use the right bathroom accessories is paramount to creating the perfect en-suite bathroom.
Here at Croston Plumbing Heating we are your local en-suite bathroom experts that cover all areas across the North-West. For your free quotation and to get started, please call us on 01257 452 879.

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