Landlord Gas Services

Landlord Safety Checks in Croston & surrounding areas

If you let out any properties, it is your responsibility to carry out annual gas safety checks in any properties you own. It is now a legal obligation to do this and not complying can create some very serious problems for you.
Croston Plumbing & Heating are here to take the hassle out of it for you by offering full gas safety checks for all your properties. Furthermore, we will remind you every year when then are due for their next safety check.

Our gas safety checks

Our gas safety checks are carried out by experienced Gas Safe registered engineers and include:

Checking all gas appliances for tightness and safety

Checking gas pressure levels

Checking flues and checking for any potential dangers with carbon monoxide

Checking safety devices are fully operational and functioning as they should be

Upon completion of a gas safety check, our engineers will issue you a pass or fail certificate. If you are given a pass, it is up to you to keep a record of it for two years and it should be made available to all of your tenants within 28 days. If you are issued a fail, do not worry. Our engineers will give you advice on what to do to improve going forward.