Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is increasingly becoming a highly efficient way to heat the home.

Most new build properties today will have the specification of UFCH (Under floor central heating), because of the lower running costs and improved comfort levels.

Croston Plumbing & Heating have the expertise in the installation of underfloor heating throughout your home.

To wake up on a cold morning and have warmth radiating from your underfloor heating is a true pleasure and we have listed a few more benefits below:

Improved heat radiation:

A central heating system that relies on a radiator to emit its heat will see a lot of the heat energy lost to the back wall. The benefits of the heat energy that is generated by the radiator and manages to radiate into the room may also not be felt immediately, as a lot of the heat will rise to the ceiling first, missing out on the air that surrounds most of the people in the room. This means that it will take a bit longer for you to feel the benefits and for the room to be sufficiently heated. With an underfloor heating system, the pipework is directly under your feet and when your heating is turned on the heat energy will rise from the floor, so the benefit is felt a lot faster.

Flexibility in design:

If you live in a typical UK household, you will no doubt have seen the pipework for your central heating system out on display in some form or another. Although it is possible to hide some of this pipework away by boxing it in or hiding behind cupboard spacing, the fact remains that with many installations compromises do have to be made in terms of how the pipework is laid in your property and how it ultimately looks. With underfloor heating you will have none of this, as the pipework and pumps for the installation are hidden out of sight directly under your feet.

Silence is golden:

Underfloor heating systems are renowned for the way in which they operate without any noise. This allows you to avoid the “tap tap tap” sound often heard with traditional central heating systems that have pipework running through the property.

Cost effectiveness:

Studies suggest that using underfloor heating can contribute to an efficiency improvement of between 15-40%. This not only benefits the environment but will also save you a lot of money over time – you could argue that the underfloor heating will pay for itself if you have plans to stay in the property for a sustained period of time.