Power Flushing


Here at Croston Plumbing & Heating Chorley we offer power flushing services to our customer base across Lancashire.

You may have heard the term Powerflush before but what exactly does it mean? A Powerflush is a service performed by plumbing & heating engineers that will improve the lifespan and efficiency of your radiators and boiler in your home.

What is a power flush?

A Powerflush is a method of restoring heating performance to an old heating system, by connecting a reservoir pump into the heating circuit and pumping water at high velocity around the system to break down any limescale & sludge deposits, then pumping the deposits out of the system to a drain, until the system water runs relatively clear.

By doing this, any debris and contamination in your radiators will be flushed out and cleared from your central heating system, restoring it to a higher level of performance.

Signs you may need a Powerflush

There are a few common signs that indicate powerflushing is needed and these include:
These problems on their own may be able to be rectified without power flushing, however, if you notice more than one sign then it is worth considering a power flush.
The benefits of Powerflushing to your system:
The result of power flushing is that the boiler and the rest of the central heating system become more efficient. This occurs because there is better circulation through the pipe work and the radiators and in turn the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to warm the house and water. Therefore the overall result is that you save money on your gas bills.

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